Friday, March 23, 2012

Extreme Dog Walking

Here's another we did for our friends over at NYC Pooch--Check them out! We certainly took our time with this one. But here we are, all finished and ready to go!(actually we finished this about 6 months ago, but who's counting) During the entire process (early on) I became an actual animator by trade--a pleasant surprise even to myself. It's been a while since my last post, but better late than never--as they say!

So, my cohort, Jonah Oskow and myself took the opportunity to try new things with this one while staying consistent to our style in History Of Dog Walking and Happy New Year 2009. I still used Markers on Marker paper and Jonah still did his thing with After Effects and cleaning up my messes. But we went went ahead and tried things--testing our limits, so to speak.

The World Sequence was a good idea in theory, but in the end it took up too much Ram and Rom and everything else to pull off. But we did it! My advise to you: Keep it simple when possible, unless you really know what your doing. It's OK to dream big, but be able to problem solve, too (that's a general way of life, as well).

Once we finished segments and strung them together, Jonah's friend did Sound Design, and Dan from NYC Pooch did the music. Oh, and that voice you hear throughout the video is Jonah's voice, witch he altered. No, he doesn't normally sound like Jabba The Hutt.



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