Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dog Walking: A Brief History Of

NYC Pooch short flim from jonah oskow on Vimeo.

This is the 2nd animation done by Jonah Oskow and myself. Our first, "Happy New Year 2009," caught the eyes of the good fellows over at NYC, who then asked us to make a promotional video for them. A commission! Of course we said "Yes" and subsequently started to work out several ideas for a proposal. Over several meetings and conversations, we discussed what it was we wanted to convey in a promo vid. After heavy consideration and several hilarious options to sort through, we eventually settled on the idea of a "Short History Of Dog Walking."

Naturally, we wanted our second animation to be as clever and zany as our first--only this time it wasn't going to be such a rush job. As you can see, everything isn't as pasted together as it was in the first animation. The designs of each segment are much more well-thought out, and all of the images are fully colored--also adding in other effects such as textures and shadows.

We had submitted the first version with sound effects that we referenced and music we whipped up ourselves using Reason and and a Midi Keyboard. It was rejected! Luckily, our boys from NYC Pooch went out and created the music for us. It really made the difference! Perhaps I'll post the alternate music version at another point in time.

As a whole, this little collaboration really makes my day any time I see it. To see a project come together like this is completely fulfilling and gratifying--not to mention surpassing all my expectations! Please enjoy!

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